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The Smartest Police Body Camera Technology

A secure command and control application that provides an automatic real-time, map-based view of the location and status of mobile operations, including personnel, vehicles and tools. It also has the ability to share real-time asset locations with Mutual Aid Partners. But that’s not all. AVaiL Web can give you a historical breadcrumb trail of where vehicles have been, device clustering, live tracking, traffic and weather overlays, even geo-fencing. It’s smart. And when you get it, you’ll be smart, too.



We decided to take a new approach to police technology: an integrated approach. The devices that make your department smart are made smarter when they work together. It’s that simple. The Evidence Ecosystem connects all of your policing devices through the Internet of Things (IoT) to empower you and your officers with real-time situational awareness.

BodyWorn Cameras for police officers have major advantages that other body worn cameras are lacking such as high-resolution video, real-time communications, and internal GPS.

Benefits of Utility’s Generation 2 BodyWorn Video Camera:

  • In-Car Sensors and Central Dispatch automatically trigger Recording
  • High Definition video recording of at least 720p
  • Seamless Integration with In-Car Video Recording Systems
  • Multiple secure control buttons
  • Direct Internet Connectivity
  • Internal GPS and Accelerometer
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Speech Recognition for hands-free operation
  • Automatic and Secure Wireless Offload of Video Recordings
  • Discrete Alerts for Backup support
  • Man Down Alerting
  • Emergency Two-way Communicator Capability

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